Natural Zeolite

White Zeolite High Quality.
We produce white Zeolite by ourself, this white zeolite can be use as:
  • mix of shrimp fonds
  • water treatment
  • Farmers
  • etc.

Green Zeolite.
We also produce green zeolite that can be use as:

  • mix of cattle food

  • mix of land fertilizer

  • fertilized land
  • bunker in golf course etc.
  • Packaging in the bag 50 kgs

Natural Bleaching Earth

We produce our own Natural Bleach for export and domestic need. The Bleaching Earth that we produce is mesh#200 ( food grade ) as follow:

- Activated Bleaching Earth
- Natural Bleach
- Bleaching Earth
- Natural Bentonite

With a high quality machinery, we produce a high quality bleaching earth.

The Bleaching Earth that we produce can be used to purify condensate, edible oil & recycling of lubricant oil.
The factory for specially producing Bentonite that We have.